21 Day fix is hard!

I've been on the 21 day fix for 13 days. Minus three because this past weekend I fell of the wagon. Fell off, rolled down a hill, and crashed into rocks made of mashed potatoes and sweet tea. I'm not normally one for staying on target, but for ten days I think I did really well. I started it because I wanted more energy and to get some strength in my body.

Them exerises, though.

I had to wait to do leg day until after I picked my kids up from school. I was worried my legs would give out and I'd die in a fiery crash of muscle soreness and pain.

All kidding aside, I love it. I've never felt better, I've had loads more energy, and I feel more confident in my own skin everyday. It's definitely a love/hate relationship, but I think love wins just a bit. Why else would I keep torturing myself this way?

In other news, this week is the start of tons of Fall shows. What shows are you waiting on? I'm excited for a TON of new shows, like


Heroes Reborn--seriously have waited FOREVER for this! I'm totally geeking out!

Modern Family (me and my husband binge watched the previous seasons this summer- could not stop laughing). I see a little of myself in Claire.

There are a ton of other shows I'm waiting on: Supernatural, TWD, Minority Report, Agents of Shield, but I'll stop here before I bore you to death.

Okay. I'm signing off to do my workout, so if you don't hear from me next week it's because I passed on.



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